Know Love

So you landed here.  You took the journey.  You have questions. I have the answer.  But before I tell you, consider sitting on a beach.  The ocean is before you.  There is an artistic abstract in the sky.  It couldn’t get more beautiful right?


I mean just look at it.  Simply picturesque.  Now the bird that landed next to you is trying to snatch your slice of cheese but you can shew it away.  Go ahead.  Ok, are you back?  Sorry, he was a distraction.  Back to the picturesque scene.  What if a sunset never existed?  or the ocean or even the menacing seagull.  Now picture, the most precious person you value most in life comes over and kisses you on the cheek.  They tell you that all is well and life couldn’t get more heavenly.  What if that person never existed?

Imagine never experiencing little critters on the earth.  Ok maybe your not an animal person then we’ll just move right along.  Lets try mountains? Lakes? Canyons?  The desert?  Porcupines.  Oops that was a critter.  Hmmm…. dancers? muscians? What am I getting at you ask?

I’m getting at the things that matter most in your life.  Things that only the most Romantic Being on the face of the earth could have dreamed up just to show you His Love.  I’m getting at the Great Love Romance. Without it, our lives are just dull and boring and depression takes over and thoughts of suicide ensue. Man, your getting a little melodromatic now. Wake up! His Love is all around you. He’s filled You with His song of Creation. Life couldn’t get any sweeter. Are you drinking a Mai Tai on that beach?


Drink up and celebrate because there is never ending joy waiting for you if you’ll only take that first step of understanding His Amazing Love for you.

Who is He? Man, you’ve asked the perfect question. He is the man of your dweems. Ha. He is the greatest Lover of Your Soul and Life wouldn’t have Love without Him because He embodies the definition of True and Utterly Amazing Love. Take the plunge into the deepest Ocean of His Everlasting Love. Say His Name. Jesus. Reach out your hand and let Him love You. Life isn’t filled with joy; It isn’t filled with art and music and creation with all of it’s splendor without Him. Nothing compares to experiencing this Man called Jesus. Life sucks without Him. Take the plunge.

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